Quiet Days


Quiet Days : stopping at the Well


Well’ © Bridget A. Braybrooks

Life for most of us is busy and there are any number of concerns and demands that we find ourselves reacting to on a daily basis. Quiet Days provide space to stop for rest, refreshment and response. By carving out time to reorientate to God as the Source of our being we can reset our direction and priorities and reconnect to God’s purposes for our lives and service.Usually a Quiet Day will include some input (often in the form of guided prayer and reflection) but will also make space for some silence. The ’empty space’ of silence enables us to learn to listen for God’s voice within all the ‘voices’ of our daily life and circumstances. A Quiet Day will often also include time together (in the form of communal prayer and sharing) as well as time alone for personal prayer and reflection.

Quiet Days will often gather our prayer and reflection around a theme. Some of the themes we have offered in Quiet Days  are:

  • ‘Love bade me welcome’ – coming home to God
  • ‘Give us this day….’ – daily sustenance and the art of making bread
  • ‘In the midst of Chaos’ – a quiet day for busy mothers
  • ‘Seasons of the Spirit’ – growing in grace


To find out about any planned Quiet Days or to arrange a Quiet Day for your church, circuit or deanery please get in touch via the Contacts page