Hub Days


Hub Days : from the centre out




The hub of a wheel is the central point at which the spokes attach and from where the wheel is turned. It is the focal point through which the power to enable movement is channeled. Hub Days offer a chance to return to this centre and point of focus in order to find direction and practical ways to apply our faith in everyday life (where the rubber hits the road!). They provide a time to wonder, think and learn in a focused and intentional way on some aspect of life and faith in order that we might be energised to move forward on the Way. Hub Days can perhaps best be described as reflective workshops and as such they usually include some input, discussion and time for practical reflection and application.

Subjects covered to date include:

  • Monastic rhythms for busy livesP1030811
  • Forgiveness
  • Patterns for living: is there such a thing as work-life balance?
  • How shopping might be good for the soul: exploring our power as consumers
  • Leaving a legacy: what do I really want to invest in?
  • Hospitality of heart and home
  • Your money or your life
  • The challenge of change: navigating transitions






   To find out where and when Hub days are being offered or to talk about arranging a Hub Day for a church, circuit or deanery group please get in touch via the Contacts page