Adult Christianity


 Adult Christianity : Exploring new territory

DSCF0638    Adult Christianity is a group set up for those who are looking for perhaps a slightly different context in which to explore and discuss faith. It may be of interest particularly for those who have been on the path of faith for some time but now find themselves at a point of transition, disorientation even, or navigating new territory in their spiritual journey. As well as offering a place of support and exploration for those engaged in their local churches, it may also provide a holding place or community of faith for those who have no church connection but want a context to explore and deepen their faith. This monthly meeting starts with sharing food together followed by time to discuss, grapple with questions, share and listen. We draw the evening to a close with some quiet time of guided reflection and prayer and offer a simple ‘practice to practice’ ( a thought to stay with or a simple practical application of our thinking to live out in the weeks before we next meet). We make use of a variety of resources drawing on scripture, image, music and poetry. We will also use some of the teaching of different writers and theologians such as Richard Rohr and Ronald Rolheiser  as a starting place for discussions (the latter have produced some material entitled ‘Adult Christianity: a spirituality for the two halves of life’. Hence the title above).